Dear Diary

A wearable participatory social experiment that hides personal diary entries in machine-readable barcodes.

Press: Textually.orgEpoca Design Magazine

When this project launched QR codes were finding their way into main stream marketing and ads. I used this new technology to turn diary entrees into 2D barcodes and print them on t-shirts and bags. Not all mobile phones during this time were capable of scanning these barcodes and translate them back into words, the messages stayed hidden in the code. Only a special phone or camera could unlock the message.

Anyone could submit a diary entree to me and i would turn it into a QR code and print it on a shirt. I liked the idea of presenting something as private as a diary in a code that required specific technology to read it. The message remained private, but was presented in a very public way.

My intention was to create an interaction between people. If someone saw a shirt with a QR code on it they could use their phone to decode it and find something out about the person wearing the shirt. I like this form of introduction of one person to another.