This is a project I started in February 2014. It is a series of books with original patterns representing popular emoticons. They are available for purchase.

Infatuated by the popularity of Emoticons and a huge user of them myself I decided to translate them into stitched fabric. I used a method called “Cross-Stitching” to do this. First I draw each emoticon to be about 6″ x 6″ on graph paper. It takes a few times to get the correct proportions. Each square on the graph equals 1 stitch, so in order for the stitched version to look accurate, it has to be perfect. Once the drawing is finished I stitch the pattern into fabric. Sometimes I have to stitch it a few times to make subtle corrections.

With the drawing and the stitched sample I can now create a digital pattern of the exact proportions. The digital pattern is cleaner, easier to read and can be shared widely.

My goal for the project is to library of Emoticon cross stitch patterns that everyone can use, remix and customize as they like. All I ask is that you let me know if you do and share a photo of the whatever comes of it!