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This is a follow up to guest writer, David Gordon‘s post entitled Hive day for Washington Fellows – Young African Leaders

Recently, David Gordon was a guest author on the Hive NYC blog. He wrote about a recent Hive collaboration with Wagner College called Hive day for Washington Fellows – Young African Leaders. In the post, David reflected on the experience from Wagner’s perspective and described what the day was like. He touched on a couple points that individual Washington Fellows made regarding what they took away from the experience.

Since then we’ve received several more reflections, notes and personal stories written by the Washington Fellows themselves. We are very grateful for these reflections and believe they are valuable pieces of writing that everyone in the Hive community can benefit from reading. For that reason we have shared them here. Thank you to Edson, Marlon-Ralph, Samuel, Linda, Faith, Magdalene, Vickie and Roseline for sharing these thoughts with us.

Reflection on visit to New York Hall of Science and importance on my work Edson, Chinhoyi University of Technology

The visit to New York Hall of Science was very valuable and informative to me in five main dimensions. First, I managed to get an appreciation of the important role of collaboration among institutions as evidenced by the collective data collection in the environmental field between New York Hall of Science and Wagner College students. Second, I was able to get exposure to the modern field environmental testing kits which clearly showed the application of technology in a simplified way in environmental and scientific data collection. Third, I also benefited from the importance of enhancing creativity through children/young people exposure to science through design labs and exhibitions. Fourth, the explanation of how the New York of Science fits into Hive was very useful in understanding the overall function of Hive. Lastly, the networking opportunities around collaborative virtual learning were valuable.


New York Hall of Science provides good collaborative opportunities for Chinhoyi University of Technology in terms of virtual learning. Moreover, the possible options for accessing environmental testing kits for use by students at Chinhoyi University of Technology from the New York Hall of Science is very valuable in order to enhance the quality of teaching and research. Lastly, partnership in terms of collaborative grant application options is also important.

Reflections of the trip to NYsci – Marlon

The space rockets visible from a distance announce to anyone approaching that the New York Hall of Science is place where not even the sky is the limit to creativity. NYSci buzzes with innovation. The sight of children of genuinely intrigued and having fun whilst learning is a glimpse of heaven. Who wouldn’t want to work in such an environment where kids are allowed to be kids even whilst learning. Science carries the stereotype of being a serious subject shrouded in mystery said to be for only a gifted few. To the kids at NYSci, science was about explaining magic whilst also being as entertaining as magic! They have interactive displays that no kid or adult can resist. They employ stimulation of senses in the learning of science. The pirate ship decor reminds one of Neverland whilst the activities generate a never ending quest for science.


However being an African I was almost brought to tears. I began to mourn for the African child. The first time if had to learn about and use LED lights I was 18 in senior high school, but at NYSci I witnessed 5 year old kids designing and making miniature buildings with LED circuits. I thought how will the African child compete? But that’s is why I was there to learn. After learning I will go back home to teach and inspire. Then our African children too will discover the fun side of science as they design, make and play. Thank you for the trip

My visit at NY Hall of science on 9th July 10, 2014 – Linda

Among the visits which came with a lot of lessons is the visit to the NYC Hall of Science in Queens.


As Hellen Keller said the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart. This is the feeling I got at the doorstep of NYsci. It is one of the best places where science is learned in a holistic and uninhibited manner. This is where talents are nurtured and children are cognitively inspired.


I was personally so moved inside being in this place. It gave me a learning opportunity and I feel energized working towards my goal. From NYsci I have learned about the Visual Lab, scientific models and value of each single second we are given.


Walking through different activities that takes place in the building gave me a chance of seeing how science models and ideas can be understood across the age of the child. I work with early childhood development and community education. I can see a chance of working with hives in the part of visual lab as a means of learning from the lab as well as enhancing of children’ cognitive development.

Reflection on Dreamyard – Samuel

DreamYard seemed organized and equipped. Its programs are diverse and provide some kind of attraction for youth. I learned about their arts, music and fashion programs, something I would like to replicate in Liberia.


Why Arts? We had the chance to speak with one of the kids, and their response was “they use arts to express themselves”. I would loved to see Liberian children going back to artistic expression that was taken away from us during the civil war.


Why Music? I love music and it is always amusing to see kids perform through music.

Why Fashion? It is creative, innovative and marketable.


All of the above could be turned into sustainable activities that can help my organization reach more children.

Mozilla & HIVE NYC – Using Innovative Technologies to promote Health – Faith

Hive NYC Learning Network (Hive NYC) is a city-wide laboratory where educators, technologists and mentors design innovative, connected educational experiences for youth. A few things stood out from the Mozilla presentation;

  • Tools that can help my team with development of website
  • The Mozfest event which was happening in Uganda – I Connected 2 people from my team to attend this event.
  • Opportunities for young developers to be linked to mentors and other resources.

My major interest is how we can use ICT to increase access to Health products and services. In many African Countries like Uganda, access to health services is still a challenge especially in rural areas due to lack of information, long distances to health centers and financial constraints thus preventing people from accessing health services.


Advancements in mobile telephone technology however has enabled the development of services like hotlines, SMS and Electronic vouches through which people can receive health information, counseling and referral services.


Many young people are taking advantage of this growth and are developing software and apps which have the potential to increase access to services. The major challenge these developers face is lack of resources and interested partners in their projects. Organizations like Mozilla can therefore play a big part in motivating them and also exposing them to new technologies and resources.


In line with that, I have the following questions for the Mozilla team;

  • How can Mozilla assist developers transform their ideas not products?
  • How can we partner with Mozilla?
  • How can we extend ICT services to rural youth?

Lower East side girls Club:

I visited The Lower Eastside Girls Club (LESGC) which provides innovative, community-based holistic programs and services for girls and young women.


I was impressed with the setup, the space and the variety of activities available for girls. The project has a lot to offer from dancing classes, cooking, Nutrition, college preparation among others.


One of the programs and strategic linkages that I learned about was the Tyra Banks –Tzone club which empowers girls with leadership lessons as well as Self Esteem classes. The linkage with the Clinton Foundation “No Ceiling Campaign” is also another strategic partnership for the club.


I learned that young women need supportive environments that allow them to explore different activities in order for them to reach their full potential.


The questions I have for the girls club are;

  • What is their source of funding?
  • What are some of the success stories of the girls who have gone through their programs
  • How do girls get to know about their services? We noticed that the facility had only a small number of girls in comparison to the services available.

Hive Experience – Magdalene

The beauty of Lower East Girls Club space will take your breath away as they calm and inspire you on the possibilities that can be achieved.


Visiting the girls clubs was one of the best things that happened to me as a Washington Fellow. The club offers girls an opportunity and beautiful space to learn skills they need in life as well as been exposed to different careers that enable them to choose what do in life. The club also works with artist like Tyra Banks to build girls confidence and self esteem by appreciating who they are. These programs are close to my heart as I work with girls back home among the Maasai community to expose them do different career fields as well as build their confidence and self esteem.


The girls in Club are from less fortunate backgrounds just like me and the girls I work with and this visit confirmed the fact that mentorship changes the future. One of the things I learned is the importance of using influential people in society to speak with girls will give them confidence and increase self esteem. In addition to that the involvement of girls in social and civic engagement is essential in helping them to stand up for themselves and their community.


The exposure of girls to different activities from growing vegetable to cannery arts and other arts provides girls with opportunity to pursue their passions and understand how systems run. The involvement of parents in supporting the program is vital as they get involved in their lives and support hem in reaching their dreams. The visit was an eye opener for me in learning how different sectors can be merge and how involvement is vital to change

Hive – Vickie

The Hive presentation on Wednesday was an eye opener for me, one of my best learning experiences. Starting out the day with Leah and Julia was the beginning of an awesome day.


The presentation on Mozilla’s work was fascinating. I was impressed by what they are able to achieve with young people through technology and innovation. This has led me to think of various ways I can incorporate ICT in my work with prison inmates in Kenya. Seeing a 10 year old girl being able to create a movie on her computer made me realize just how limited my view of ICT programs has been. I am now thinking of new ways to pursue avenues that incorporate new technology in my work.


Having the opportunity to visit one of Hive’s members, Lower East Girls Club was amazing! The center blew my mind by how they run their programs. Needless to say it challenged me to think bigger! I realize just how much a difference there is between girls in the United States from girls of the same generation in Kenya! Mainly because of the levels of exposure, and this will later on affect access to opportunities.


I was greatly inspired by the girls club and will be going back this week to learn more of how they run their programs and learn from them on ways to improve programs back in my country. I am grateful for this amazing experience.

Hive – Roseline

Lower Eeast Side Girls Club is a awesome and inspiring place for girls and every one that would like to get involved in the community. Many programs for girls: singing, recording, cooking, planting, sewing, …that’s just marvellous! you can enter without skills and come out with developed skills are are useful in the community. I think girls need much more attention and this experience has helped me to focus on what i want to do back home. My vision is to work with girls on different skills through informal education: games, sports, arts,…It would help to get the support of the girls’ club staff, so they can lead me on the right path based on their experiences and failures. With their help I can learn more how to shape my plan in a positive and successful way.







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