PASE Explorers Details


  • Partnership for After School Education
    • Yvonne M. Brathwaite  |  Associate Executive Director
    • Delia Kim  |  Program Director
  • Hive NYC
    • Julia Vallera | Programs Manager
    • Patrick Weaver | Freelance Technical Assistant
    • Rita Geladze |Freelance Technical Assistant
    • Maggie Muldoon | Program Coordinator
    • Meredith Summs | Associate Directory, Learning Design
    • 15 high school students from the MOUSE Corps program


The youth at each participating site created a multimedia website using Webmaker Thimble. Below you can see the work they did, the name of each site and which borough they are located in. Keep in mind that youth between the ages of 11 – 14 are the authors of this work. They did great! and we are very proud to have helped through their learning process. More pictures here.


  • January 17, 24 and 30: PASE Explorers Orientation
    • A mandatory orientation for all participating site facilitators. Over three days they received hands-on training with the PASE Explorers curriculum and Webmaker tools. After this orientation facilitators were able to take the Webmaker tools back to their sites and begin teaching it to their youth.
  • March 11: PASE Explorers Follow Up training
    • A mandatory follow up training with site facilitators. Review of Webmaker tools/curriculum, reflection on practices/challenges/successes.
  • March 21 and 24: MOUSE Webmaker Training
    • Hive hosted a Webmaker training for MOUSE Corps youth. The youth that attended had the option to join PASE Explorers as Webmaker technical assistants. They could choose to join Hive at site visits across NY. 15 students chose to join us over the next several months.
  • April 4: 8 weeks of site visits begin
    • Patrick, Rita and Julia spent April and May visiting PASE Explorers sites all over Queens, The Bronx and Brooklyn to train youth about how to use Webmaker Thimble and Popcorn. Each site got two visits.
  • April 11, 24 and 29: Reflection Session
    • Sites from each borough came together for one day to reflect on the PASE Explorers experience so far. They shared challenges, successes, tips, questions and more. PASE staff and Hive staff provided feedback throughout the session.
  • May: Site visits and check in
    • Throughout the month of May Hive staff continued to visit each site and provide assistance virtually through an online forum called Minigroup.
  • June 3 and 5: PASE Explorer Expo
    • Sites from each borough came together to celebrate the Webmaking they did in a four hour expo. Students presented the websites and videos they made to their peers. Some presentations even included performances!


PASE explorers is engaging and beneficial in many different ways. “Through activities such as community mapping, interviewing, oral and written presentations, creating a website and reflection exercises, this program helps young people build skills essential for life-long success including critical thinking, technology, teamwork, creativity, and communication.” (PASE Explorers website) With so many different ways to engage in the PASE Explorers curriculum, it truly enables interest based learning and peer collaboration among participating youth, teachers and site administrators.


Every site had different methods to facilitating the program. This curriculum got everyone off to a good start. With site visits, trainings and online discussions the work evolved over time. Many of the sites broke their youth into teams so that each team could focus on one part of the website they were building. For example, one team built the website, another team made popcorn videos, another team did all the writing, another team did all the photography, etc. Each website came together in a different way that are all equally impressive!

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