Hive NYC Programs Update: Spring 2015

This is a community update from Julia Vallera, Programs Manager at Hive NYC Headquarters (Hive HQ).

A lot of great things are happening at Hive NYC! With 278 individual members and 82 organizations, Hive NYC is bigger than ever. As part of a global learning network, showcasing our amazing NYC community is hugely important. The time and effort we all put in makes this a strong and supportive network, so let’s take a moment to recognize it!

Below is a summarized selection of Hive NYC activity between January 2015 and April 2015. Each example is mapped to one of four categories of central importance to Hive Learning Networks’ vision and goals.

We welcome the community to submit ideas to Hive NYC’s events calendar. Many of these submissions have helped generate the examples listed below.

Leah Gilliam (Hive NYC) and Ela Ben-Ur (i2i Experience) explore ideas at a recent Hive NYC office hours visit.

Leah Gilliam (Hive NYC) and Ela Ben-Ur (i2i Experience) explore ideas at a recent Hive NYC office hours visit.


Hive NYC mobilizes current and prospective members to adopt connected learning practices and teach web literacy. Our ongoing series of community events covers a wide range of topics and helps to cultivate collaborations, strengthen partnerships and increase capacity to innovate.

  • Hive NYC Office Hours: We’ve enjoyed meeting many new individuals and organizations during our weekly Hive NYC office hours. These meetings lead to opportunities and generate exciting ideas that benefit the whole network. Divas for Social Justice introduced us to their new STEAM camp in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Brain Pop showed us their collection of Educational materials for teachers. We met with author Steve Preskill to discuss his work on pathways to leadership and best practices for democratic learning environments. Additional visits included Fashion Institute of Technology, i2i Experience, All Star Code, Dance Theater Etc., YWCA and C/I.
  • Community Calls: In January, educators from Chicago and New York city presented Connected Educator Mentor Launch, an initiative that helps organizations, programs, and practitioners support youth. In February, Convergence Academies discussed their use of platforms like Evernote and to work openly. In March, Partnership for After School Education recapped a series of Spread and Scale workshops and discussed outcomes with guest participants.
  • Cohort Learning Lab: The Bronx Museum presented an ongoing project called Mapping the Bronx, where teens collaborate with artists and mentors to explore causes for asthma in the Bronx. NYC Writing Project discussed Youth Voices Inquiry Project, through which educators and teens use digital tools to help each other become better writers. Global Action Project presented Media History Timeline, an interactive timeline students are creating to demonstrate the impact of media on social justice and human rights.
  • Community Meet-ups: Stoked on Steam hosted a panel discussion on Maker Spaces in their Brooklyn space, where four panelists shared insight and expertise on Maker Space pedagogy, logistics and practices. Hive Research Lab hosted a meet-up to consider the outcomes of Connected Learning and what these lead to.
  • Youth Trajectories Affinity Group (YTAG): YTAG met twice between January and April to discuss and design initiatives that support youth interest-driven pathways. These two meetings focused on enhancing future learning opportunities for youth at a Hive NYC event called Emoti-Con!


Many Hive NYC activities serve the goal of creating high-quality connected learning and web literacy tools, content, curriculum and practices for broad use. Member projects also increase the demand for opportunities that serve a wide range of learners across new locations and sectors throughout NYC.

  • Hive NYC Project Portfolio: Hive NYC HQ updated its online project portfolio with reflections, discoveries and assets from 15 diverse Hive Digital Media Learning Fund projects and partnerships recently completed.
  • Hive NYC summer/fall etherpad: Hive NYC HQ is gathering details on Summer and Fall programs for teens, to create a one-stop resource for parents, schools, youth, and others interested in informal learning programs throughout the city.
  • DML Trust Challenge: In March Hive NYC was chosen as a winner of the Digital Media and Learning Competition’s Trust Challenge. This challenge encourages individuals and institutions from across education and technology sectors to develop innovative tools, practices, and platforms that promote trust in connected learning environments.
NYC DOE Educators present work they created after a series of Professional Development workshops.

NYC DOE Educators present work they created after a series of Professional Development workshops.


Hive NYC catalyzes schools, youth programs, and city agencies to provide rich connected learning and web literacy programs, especially in under-served communities. We work with both Hive and non-Hive educators seeking ready-to-use innovative products and practices.

  • Innovative Partnerships Professional Development (IPPD): Hive NYC offered Professional Development to teachers, librarians, administrators and technology coaches representing different public schools across the five boroughs of NYC. These educators were participating in the New York City Department of Education’s (IPPD) program, which connects them with best practices for using technology tools, as well as resources for teaching and learning. Participants spent eight weeks creating lesson plans and curricula based on what they learned through the process.
  • Emoticon 2015 planning: Hive NYC HQ, General Assembly, Urban Arts Partnership, Hive Research Lab, MOUSE, and The New York Public Library are working to invite judges, finalize an agenda and recruit participants for Emoti-Con!, an annual NYC Youth Digital Media and Technology Challenge.
  • Hive Youth Meet-up: Several Hive Youth Meet-ups have taken place over the last few months. These three-hour events include a workshop facilitated by a Hive member organization, three youth presentations, and time for socializing, amongst both youth and organizational representatives. Many different Hive members are involved, helping to organize,facilitate and reflect.


Hive NYC demonstrates a sustainable, successful learning network model that is professional, diverse and active. This helps grow demand for Hive Learning Events, Communities, and Networks in new locations and sectors.

  • Cross City conversation: Hive Chattanooga (Hive CHA) and Hive NYC are planning a cross-city conversation about incorporating digital badges into classrooms and lesson plans.
  • Hive Global Community Call: Hive NYC’s David Gordon, from Wagner College, was a guest presenter on Hive Learning Network Global call. Hive NYC activity was featured in the widely spread Hive Learning Networks Newsletter
  • NASA Space Apps Bootcamp: Hive NYC HQ participated in and presented at a recent event called NASA Space Apps Bootcamp. In keeping with NASA’s focus on Women in Data for the 2015 Space Apps Challenge, this was led by many exceptional women making an impact on the world through their engagement with data.

Whats coming up?

  • OPPI Festival: On Saturday May 16, 2015, Hive NYC HQ will be running a session at this year’s OPPI Festival about Hive Learning Networks as a creative and innovative model for educators.
  • Digital Ready Maker Party: Hive NYC HQ will be teaching youth and educators how to build web pages with fun games at the upcoming Digital Ready Maker Party on May 11, 2015.
  • Emoti-con!: On May 30, 2015, over 150 New York City youth from across the five boroughs will gather at the 7th annual Emoti-Con! to showcase their digital media and technology projects, be inspired by their peers, and meet with professionals in the field.
  • State of the Hive: On April 23, 2015, Hive NYC HQ will be hosting their annual State of the Hive Meet-up at The Museum of Natural History in NYC.
  • Cohort Learning Lab Remix: In an effort to make Hive NYC platforms and practices as efficient and relevant as possible, we have been working to re-design our Cohort Learning Lab meetings to better meet the needs of participants.
  • Community Meet-up: Dreamyard and Parsons School of Design will be hosting a Hive NYC meet-up on May 21, 2015, to discuss their recent work on Digital Learning Portfolios.
  • Community Call: On June 2, 2015, a guest speaker from Mozilla Open Science will be joining our community call to talk about a recent teaching kit on how to be an open and compelling instructor.

This activity demonstrates the strength and effectiveness of Hive NYC as a catalyst for educational change. The network creates city-wide connected learning opportunities and mobilizes educators to broaden access to these experiences. Learning digital literacy and other skills beyond the confines of the classroom empowers youth to discover and shape their world, throughout school, work and civic life. As we continue to grow, Hive NYC HQ looks to the community to build on the momentum we’ve created together—by regularly connecting through our channels and platforms you can maximize on the impact of each invaluable contribution you make.

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